Submersible Level Transmitters

Submersible Level Transmitters series "HYDROBAR"
Klay Instruments offers a wide range of submersible Level transmitters with a cable or stainless steel tube extension, to be used as a topmounted leveltransmitter in waterworks, deep wells, underground tanks, concrete bunkers, etc. All transmitters are fully temperature compensated and most of them are internally adjustable on zero and span. The output is 4-20 mA / 2-wire. The diaphragms are very strong and laserwelded, this results in a perfect Long term stability.


 Accuracy 0.2% from adjusted span
 Active Temperature compensation
 Perfect long term stability
 Strong flush diaphragms
 Zero and span adjustable
 ATEX II 1 G EEx ia IIC T4

The series „Hydrobar“ are available as fixed range units (type FR) or with adjustable zero and span. The mounting can be done with a cable clamp or with a wall mounting bracket, both available as an option. Another mounting possibility is a flange or G2“ threaded connection at the top of the instrument.

The series 2000-Hydrobar is a complete range of microprocessor based submersible level transmitters for topmounting, with a local display and adjustment by three push buttons. Zero and span can be calibrated very easy without test pressure. The display can be used during programming and can also indicate the process temperature or the measured level. A tank linearisation can be done and a 4-20 mA Current simulation can be performed. The Hydrobar „S“ is available with HART Protocol and can be adjusted both locally or by HHT or PC with special Klay software. Mounting can be done by wall mounting bracket, Flange or a threaded Connection G 11/2“or G2“).

The Hydrobar-I is the newest instrument in the range. A separate housing is no longer needed as all electronics are integrated in the submersible sensor part. The Hydrobar-I can be adjusted with HART protocol or Klay software. The sensor can be mounted with a cable hanger (option).

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