Type TCH



Operating Range :
Delivery Size :  DN 25 to 200 mm
Capacity :  upto 700 m3/hr
Head :  upto 180m
Temperature :  upto 260° C
Pressure :  upto 26 bar
Horizontal, radial split, volute casing pumps according to ANSI B73-1 specifications with open impeller, end suction, top centre line discharge. Simple external axial adjustment for impeller wear. Back pull out design enables to remove the rotor without disturbing the pipelines. If a spacer coupling is used, the motor does not have to be removed from the base plate. Only four bearing beds cover the entire 32 models. This means that the shafts, sleeves, bearings, and bearing beds are identical in and interchangeable for a large number of pump sizes.

  • For handling all chemical process requirements like acids, alkalis, corrosive slurries, hydrocarbons etc.
  • Suitable for all liquids with/without solids

Graded cast iron / WCB/CF8/CF8M (SS-316)/317/317L/CD4MCU/Alloy - 20/Hastalloy - B/ Hastalloy - C etc.,


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